Choose the Right Drive. We work hard everyday to reduce unnecessary costs so that you save money and have more time to shop with us. No CD is needed for installation. In this case we ran the drive in both modes and we also benchmarked against the Western Digital MyBook 3. There’s little to choose between the two, but the MyBook’s slightly lower price gives it the edge unless you want to pay extra for Samsung’s backup software.

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It can automatically back up your files according to a schedule you set and can back up files incrementally, picking only those files which have changed since the last back up.

The pricing is competitive with other USB 3.

Enter a Product Serial Number for Firmware downloads. That said, if you want or need the speed of USB 3. Security Harness superior protection. shory

The top cover comes off with 4 Torx screws. Exos Achieve greater capacity. Samsung Auto Backup User Guide.

We’re always looking out for you at Shoppingsquare. Plus, it can save older versions in case you need to revert back to them. Your computer’s operating system may use a different standard of measurement and report a lower capacity.


The body is made of grey brushed aluminum, with the front of the unit featuring just the power knob and red stenciled STORY. Three years is standard for external hard drives in this class. Although it isn’t quite the fastest USB3 disk we’ve samsungg, it was still blisteringly quick. On top of that, the Samsung is well-built with aluminum body, compared to plastic in the Western Digital, it wins on aesthetics too.

Samsung STORY Station Review | – Storage Reviews

You can see at a glance how much space is available, used, or designated as backup storage. Don’t Miss a Deal Subscribe. Samsung uses a full-size USB 3.

Once the cover is off you have access to split the two frame case halves apart. Rescue Rescue your data. Seagate Reports 1Q19 Earnings. This doesn’t make a difference really, but the larger adapter might be more durable and solid over the long term.

There’s little to choose between the two, but the MyBook’s slightly lower price gives it the edge unless you want to pay extra xamsung Samsung’s backup software. The only downside then is the cost issue, USB dtation.

Samsung Story Station USB 3.0 2TB review

There’s not an internal fan, which is good for desktop use, as that means the drive is quiet. The Story Station has a surprisingly reasonable cost per gigabyte of 8p. For anyone looking for an external USB 3.


So buy up, buy up. The Story Station sped through all our file transfer tests. It’s almost completely silent since it relies on passive cooling instead of fans to keep it cool. We’d recommend keeping it in a well-ventilated area as it became sttory to the touch during our demanding file transfer tests.

Story Series

Our review unit is a 2TB model, the drive also comes in 1TB and 1. Samsung’s first USB3 desktop disk is very fast, but it’s also relatively expensive. In addition, sstory of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and will not be available for data storage.

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We don’t expect to see a 10x speed burst over USB 2.